Starts in 4 Days, 18 Minutes

October 21, 2018 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Odyssey Adyar

Odyssey, 45, First Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai 20

+91 44 24453191

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    This is a poetry competition for schoolchildren in Std 8th to Std 12th in association with INDIA POETRY CIRCLE (IPC)

    Winners get Book hampers, Certificate and a trophy. Participants get Certificates and book vouchers.

    Who can participate:

    Open to Children in Std 8th-12th.
    Participation is absolutely free.

    Guidelines to the participants

    You need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    Reporting time: latest by 2.30p.m. on Sun, 21st October 2018.  Late comers stand the risk of not being able to participate.


    You need to please bring the following:

    1. A bright and creative mindset
    2. Your favourite and lucky pen and pencil (suggested you have a spare one, just in case….)
    3. Your school id. Card as proof of age


    We will provide

    This Guidelines document for your ready reference

    1. Themes on which the poem has to be written
    2. One sheet of paper to write your final version of your poem on
    3. Two rough sheets to work on drafts.
    4. Refreshments and water


    Your poem

    1. You may choose any one of themes provided to write your poem on
    2. Any form/ format of your choice is welcome
    3. Your poem is expected to be not more than 24 lines
    4. The poem submitted needs to be written with pen on the paper provided for the purpose
    5. Rough sheets need not be returned
    6. Legible handwriting is a must.  Neat impressive handwriting will add to the value of your poem. Poor/ illegible handwriting stands the risk of being unread.
    7. Spelling errors will attract negative points
    8. Strict Grammar rules need not be adhered to. However, you are expected to adhere to basic grammar considerations such as gender/ number/ tense conformity unless you want to purposefully deviate as part of the poetic communication.

    Please note:

    1. Any paper or book or notebook, as well as, mobile phones or any other gadgets are strictly forbidden into the competition room.
    2. Discussions among the participants or with others around during the competition time are strictly forbidden. Any defaulter of the above points will get summarily disqualified on the spot.