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Pome Kit

Lord Krishna is a Hindu deity, usually worshiped as the supreme god or as the eighth incarnation of Vishnu the Preserver.

He is considered the most colorful character in Indian mythology. His mischievous nature, his love for friends and stories for his childhood are narrated in every household. Kids love him while young ones adore him.

Get your child introduced to Lord Krishna with "Fun with Krishna pack" . The pack contains the following

Rotating Sudarshan Chakra

Follow the instructions and create your own Lord Krishna cutout. Use the motor to create the rotating Sudarshan chakra.

Govardhan Jigsaw

Feast your eyes with the scenery of Lord Krishna holding the Govardhan parvat on his tiny finger in the Jigsaw puzzle and read the story to your little one on the same.

Krishna Mask

Colour and wear the Krishna mask mask to look like the Little Krishna.

So go ahead and explore a better way of engaging your child. HAPPY POME KITTING!

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