KATTAM VILAYATTU - Level 2 Classic

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Kattam Vilayatu Level 2 (Dual player game)

Scientific Reason
This game enhances concentration, visualization and quick thinking.

Materials Required
• Gemu Game board
• Each player have 3 game pieces

The goal of the player in this game is to bring their coin in one line and at the same time not allowing the opponent to bring his coins in a line.

How to play
1. Two persons can play this game sitting opposite to each other. Each player will be given 3 coins.

2. There will be 3 vertical, 3 horizontal and 2 cross sectional lines which meet at 9 points.

3. For every turns each player should keep their coins on 3 different points which leaves 3 other points empty.

4. The players can move the coins to the empty points to bring their coins in a same line but preventing the opponent from doing the same.

5. The players can start moving their coins only after all six coins are placed in the board.

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