KATTAM VILAYATTU - Level 3 Classic

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Kattam Vilayatu Level 3 (Dual player game)

Scientific Reason
This game enhances concentration, visualization and quick thinking.

Materials Required
• Gemu Game board
• Each player have 4 game pieces

The goal of the game is to bring their coin in one line and at the same time not allowing the opponent to bring his game pieces in a line.


How to play
1. Two persons can play this game sitting opposite to each other. Each player will be given 4 coins.

2. There will be 4 equal squares with 4 vertical and 4 horizontal points which meet at 16 points.

3. For every turns each player should keep their coins on 8 different points which leaves 8 other points empty.

4. The players can move the coins to the empty points to bring their coins in a same line but preventing the opponent from doing the same.

5. The players can start moving their coins only after all 8 coins are placed in the board.

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