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Material - Teak Wood

Dimensions - 30 x 30 cm

Thickness - 5 cm

 Scientific Reason
This game enhances concentration,quick thinking and decision making skills.

Materials Required

  • Gemu Game board
  • 4 or 6 number of coin for each player
  • Dies

The goal of the game is to bring all the 6 coins to Malai before the opponent does.

How to play
1. Two, three or four players can play this game. It can also be played in pairs too by sitting opposite to each other with 3 or 6 coins each.

2. There are four sides in the game board with eighteen squares in three rows. There are four crossed squares in each corner connecting all the four hands. The center row of each hand has two resting places.

3. The first crossed square in the middle row near the center is the starting point for each player. Those four blank squares in the middle rows are called the Birthplace. The four corners with crossed squares, each at the bottom of hands are the resting place for all the players and is called the mountain.

4. The game starts when the player rolls the dice to get thayam.

5. The player should move the coin down from the starting place through the birth place and goes round the outer square and should reach the third row of his hand, going round the full board in anti-clockwise direction.

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