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Benefits of playing this game

Hand-Eye-Mind Coordination. Enhances memory, Patience, improves observation skills, mathematical skills and motor skills.

 Materials Required

  • Gemu Game board with 14 pits
  • 5 stones per pits, totally 70 stones


The goal of the game is to collect more coins as per the rules.

 How to play

1. There will be 14 pits in the game board and can be played by two players. 7 pits with 5 game stones on each pit will be assigned to each player.

2. The player will take game stones from one pit and places one coin each in every pits next to it. Both players should play the game in anticlockwise direction.

3. Once the last coin is placed in a pit, the pieces in the next pit is taken out and distributed in other pits next to it.

4. When there is no stones to take after distribution, the player can take the stones from the pit next to the empty pit and the player gains it.

5. The opponent starts to play by taking the stones from the pit next to the empty pit, from where the player gained stones.

6. If four stones get collected in a pit, then the player to whom the pit belongs, can take those four stones.

7. Once round one gets over players should again fill their seven pits 5 game stones each with the stones they collected.

8. Player with less number of stones could not fill the pits equally and so that pit with no stone will be neglected in the next round. Empty pit can be filled with coloured stones.

9. The player who collects more number of stones will be the winner.

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