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Paramapadam (Multi Player Game)

Benefits of playing this game

Paramapadam teaches about good and evil, Introduces children to chance and luck and inculcates a deeper spiritual message.

 Materials Required

  • Game board
  • One game pieces for each player
  • Dice


The goal of the game is to reach the winning point.

 How to play

1. The game can be played by two or more players.

2. Anything like seeds, coins and shells etc. can be used as game piece. But each player should recognise his own game piece.

3. The player rolls the dice and if he/she gets 1 that is dhayam, then the player can enter the game.

4. On rolling the dice, if a player gets 1, 5, 6, then he will get one more turn to roll the dice. But the player should move the game piece for every rolling of dice.

5. On moving the game piece, if it reaches the number on foot of the ladder the player will climb the ladder and go to the top and can continue from there. But if it reaches the number marked by the mouth of the snake then he/ she will descend to the number marked by the tail of the snake.

6. First player to reach the winning point (100) wins the game.

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