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Benefits of playing this game

This game enhances the concentration, visualization and quick thinking.

 Materials Required

  • Game board
  • 6 game piece or coin for each player
  • Dice


The goal of the make all the six coins to reach the Manai (centre box) without being removed by the opponent player sticking to the rules.

 How to play

1. The player can enter the game only if he gets 1 (thayam) on rolling the dice. Other coins can enter the game only if the player gets 1 or 5.

2. If you get 1,5,6 or 12 on rolling the dice you will get an another chance to move your coin on board.

3. Only one coin can be placed in the plain box. But in safe zone or Malai (X marked box in), more than one coin which belongs to other players can also be placed.

4. Since this game is like a battle, if opponent's coin is not in the safe zone, player can strike it and remove it from game.

5. The player has to strike out at least one coin of the opponent to enter into the next layer on the board.

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