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‘Somewhere in life There must be someone To take your hand And share the torrid day. Without the touch of love There is no life and we must fade away.’ Love is not only romantic, it can have many shades—two friends reconnecting after years; a lonely, young man in a foreign city with a new-found friend and his extended family; a schoolboy befriended by an affectionate stranger while waiting alone at a railway platform; a beautiful village girl whose charms a city boy can’t resist; two strangers who strike up a conversation on a train journey... Written in a simple but poignant style, A Bouquet of Love is about romance and friendships, bondings developed out of shared experiences or sometimes simply happenstance! Featuring timeless classics such as ‘The Eyes Have It’, ‘Time Stops at Shamli’, ‘Binya Passes By’, ‘Love Is a Sad Song’ and many others, this is a collection of Ruskin Bond’s novellas and short stories that explores the infinite spectrum of love with great sensitivity.

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