Casio C63 FX-991EX Scientific Calculator

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Casio Class wiz FX-991 EX Scientific Calculator

Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

In examination, time is the most important resource, and therefore your calculator must compute expression quickly. The latest Scientific Calculator from Casio, fx-991EX Classwiz is 4 times faster than previous model fx-991ES Plus and having 4 times better resolution for easier viewing. ClassWiz has intuitive user interface and high-performance functions, so ideal for education. It is most recommended by teachers across the world for students community from school to college and university level.



Key Features

  • High-resolution LCD
  • Solar+Battery
  • Natural Textbook Display
  • QR code Generation
  • Intuitive icon display
  • Unabbreviated English display
  • Interactive format
  • Easy-to-understand key notation
  • High-speed calculation
  • Visualization with graphs
  • 552 functions
  • Comes with new slide-on hardcase

Recommended for:

  • Engineering Students
  • Polytechnic Students
  • UG & PG Students
  • A Level Students


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