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  • Pub Date : March 2022
  • Author : Suniti Namjoshi
  • Publisher : Zubaan-Penguin
  • Language : English
  • Binding Type : Hardback
  • Category : Modern & Contemporary Fiction
  • ISBN : 9780670096756
  • MRP : 499


Humankind’s unrelenting mistreatment of our planet has finally led
to a seemingly futile awareness of our acute shortage of time. What
separates us from an oblivion preceded by excruciating pain and strife?
The characters of this unique book, inspired by legends from lore and
literature alike, pursue paths they believe are best for them and for their
world. They are unaware of the flaws that distort their dreams. Divided
into three parts, Suniti Namjoshi’s Dangerous Pursuits turns
righteousness and virtue upon their heads, making for an irreverent and
ruminative exploration of the beginning of the end of the world.

In "Bad People", Ravana, Shupi and Kumbh deflect the world from its
destructive course, but perfection remains a distant dream. Ravana, of
course, belongs to epic; but how does he fit into the twenty-first century?
With the help of Grandma Ketumati’s balm, these three ‘bad’ people
outwit our contemporary villains. In "Heart’s Desire", an old woman
seeks to make a bargain with the devil, but the devil isn’t interested, and
she finds herself stuck with two angels instead. She and the angels do
their best, but the old woman learns that the heart’s desires aren’t all
that she had expected. And in "The Dream Book", based on The
Tempest, Caliban, Miranda, Prospero and the rest find that their dreams
clash and are as pretty and pitiless as glass shards. Yet, each time their
dreams crack, they dream again, reckless in this dangerous pursuit.


Suniti Namjoshi is a poet, a fabulist and a children's writer who has
written over thirty books. A selection of her writings is published in The
Fabulous Feminist (Zubaan, 2012). Suki (Zubaan-Penguin, 2013), a memoir
about her beloved cat is both a book about a relationship and an elegy.
In her book Foxy Aesop, she asks point-blank whether it is the function of
writers to save the world.

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