Farewell, Mahatma: Stories

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Gandhi wants his approaching death to be a final, redemptive message, but a perfidious nation is all set to snare him in its own plans. Sasi begins to clean up the crime scene after her lover leaves to arrange for the disposal of her husband's body. But suddenly, the hands of the wall clock begin to tick backwards. For a young man, an afternoon's fishing expedition to a pond with fellow workers goes awry when he is bitten by a snake and forced to perform a ritual as antidote. This collection introduces us to the brilliance of Devibharathi's imagination and craft. These tales about dual realities are intense, and deftly explore themes as varied as history, politics, manŸ??woman relationship and death. Amusing, disturbing and surprising, these are short stories at their best, and Devibharathi is a writer to admire and watch out for.

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