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If I’m Honest : A Memoir of My Mental Health Journey

  • Publication: Sep 2021
  • Price: Rs 350
  • ISBN: 9789390679447
  • Genre: Non-fiction
  • Page Extent: 208
  • Binding: Paperback

About the Book

Sidhartha Mallya is the eldest son of businessman Vijay Mallya. He grew up in the UK, but spent a few years in India in the 2000s. While he was here, there was a lot of attention on him because of his surname. He was very visible across media while IPL matches were on, and because of his relationship with Bollywood stars. He left India to try his luck in Hollywood and has appeared in a couple of shows and movies. Over the last year, he has been very vocal about mental health issues, opening up about his OCD, depression, anxiety and the impact his parents’ divorce had on him. He posted a few videos about this on Instagram, entitled ConSIDer This, and they have received a tremendous response. This book is a memoir of his journey in dealing with his mental health issues, and what has helped him.

Who’s the reader?

• Readers from the ages of 16 to 35
• Readers who want to learn more about mental health issues and what can be done to handle these
• Readers interested in Sidhartha Mallya as a celebrity

About the Author

Sidhartha Mallya is an actor and model. In 2016, he was awarded a diploma supplement for a Master of Arts degree in Acting for Screen from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama of the University of London. He has also worked as director of the IPL cricket team Royal Challengers Bangalore, which was owned by his father at the time.

Customer Reviews

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Raushni Srivastava
Awesome read

My take on "If I'm Honest" by Sid Mallya
Awesome read...
I could relate to my OCD locking the door 15 times, counting numbers, compulsive behavior patterns seeking reassurance, anxiously and desperately trying to prove my worth to my surroundings, making decisions from a place of fear and anxiety, and henceforth being manipulated, not able to sit idle or take a break, as that would made me feel guilty, so I'm supposed to do something...

Sid, you are a great guy, and it takes lot of strength to show the world your vulnerable side, as one has to drop one's superficial ego and embrace their true, authentic self.

Love and Light,❤💥☻🙌

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