Love You Forever...Only In That Way

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People say- Love is tied to our fate. And that fate is something beyond our command, that fate is not our own... Is it so? Did you ever find this endlessly complex truth of love and fate, so intricately linked? This story unravels all these questions...


Sid is a world-class duffer embraced by love from all sides, yet misses love in his selfish life. Carefree Sid, never really caring for anyone, sees a terrifying nightmare of unrecognizable girl sinking deep into the ocean. Who is this girl? How is her destiny connected to him? Dragged suddenly to the twisted fate, by love as well as circumstances, Sid is stunned to find a hidden truth – a truth that can destroy a life and many lives interconnected, or much worse, various lives across the globe...

Love is said to destroy evil. What your saviour love turns out to be your destroyer and darkens your fate? Will you be able to solve this endlessly complex truth of love and fate? Who will make you brave enough to see where fate lives?

Fasten your seatbelts for a convoluted sky-ride fuelled by hilarious friendship, love, enmity, unacceptable deceit and lies, and above all- twisted life. The spell-binding tale that will help you discover why your life today, won't be like your life tomorrow...

Saurabh Dudeja, dubbed as Youngest Youth Icon by and Life-Transforming Author by Homeshop18, was born on 10th September 1989. From childhood, he developed passion for writing funny short stories and poetries. At 19, he penned his debut novel preceded by detailed research on human behaviour while pursuing graduation from leading ICFAI University brand. Besides being a pragmatic author and a hilarious motivational speaker with having addressed various schools, he is a boring Software Engineer working with a leading subsidiary of IFFCO Group. Apart from writing, he loves travelling and credits travelling for his understanding towards diversified human psychology.
Being a novelist, he thinks writing has to keep evolving and must also reflect the society that we live in. Hence, it is just the odd things happening around that urged him give all his spare time to writing since he feels an impulse to create real eye-openers by writing fun-read youth-centric stories with a practical message for them.
Online fan-following of more than 20000 people telling how his book inspired and enriched their lives with practical thoughts brings a wide smile on his face. And with this smile and hope to challenge the odds, his fun-writing continues.

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