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Meera Vs Meera is a translation of a well-received book Pachrang Chola Pahar Sakhi Ri in Hindi. For centuries, the masses regarded Meera’s poetry as a medium of expression of their feelings and emotions. Meera’s poetry, though interpreted in multiple ways has dwarfed, weakened and gulfed her persona. The religious discourses and narratives festered with her religious aspect, whereas the European historians during the colonial period in India focussed on elements of love, romance and mystery in Meera’s life. The Marxist critics and neo-feminist activists highlighted Meera’s narratives related to her courage and self-determination, which she exhibited during her times. In this process the human aspects of Meera were completely side-lined which is far more evident from her poetry. Meera is a feudal, rebel, devotee, poet and much more. She led an eventful human life. She never felt alienated or free from womanly passions and was the creation of the society she lived in. Meera believed ‘Soney kaat na lagey’ (Gold never rusts…). In Meera Vs Meera an attempt is made to conserve the ‘real self ’ of Meera, left over by the multiple interpretations through the centuries.

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