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Priority Protective Mask - Large

  • Reusable,Washable that is cost effective.
  • Large Size - 70 Kgs and above
  • Dimensions- 24cm (L)* 15cm(W)
  • Comfortable breathing,Wider face coverage for maximum protection,Discards exhaled air and heat build up
  • Easy to Breathe & wear
  • Care Instructions: Hand Wash
  • Innovative 2-panel design for universal fit,Flawless construction,Engineered 6 layer particle filteration,Minimal eyewear fogging,Adjustable nose clip for enhanced protection,Adjustable earloops,Contour fitting design
  • 95%+ Bacterial Filteration efficiency(BFE) for over 3um(micron)sized bacteria.
  • 95%+ Particle Filteration efficiency(PFE) for over 3um(micron)sized bacteria.
  • Splash Resistance(Hydrostatic Test at 160 mmHg)which protects against accidental fluid/sneeze droplets from reaching user's nose or mouth.
  • Material used in Filteration Process- 1. a) 1st Layer- Polyster fabric.b) 2nd Layer- Spun Bond. c) 3rd layer-Meltbown. d) 4th Layer- Meltblown. e) 5th Layer- Spun bond. f) 6th Layer- Cotton Fabric.

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