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Smartivity SMRT1034 EDGE Deep Sea Wonder

  • FREE Android and iOS Augmented Reality App. Jigsaw Puzzles: 2 | Featuring: Octopus+Stingray | No. of Pieces: 60 each
  • Skills Developed: Makes Children Smarter by improving their Vocabulary, Spelling Skills and General Awareness, Enhances Creative Skills, Improves Motor Skills, Sharpens Analytical Skills, Heightens General Awareness of World Around Through Augmented Reality, Betters Cognitive Skills, Encourages Children to do Physical Activity, Bridges Physical and Digital worlds for children, Inspires Curiosity and Wonder, Smartivity's Patented Colour+Texture Recognition algorithm brings children's imagination to life, in the colours of their choice.
  • Engagement Time: 30 minutes per puzzle
  • Characters come to life in the exact same colours as used by child with Smartivity's Proprietory Colour and Texture Recognition Technology.
  • Includes educational games, quizzes (digital) and interactive features for Smarter Learning.
  • Colour, Scan and Play with Augmented Reality characters.

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