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Money is considered to be the solution of all the world’s problems. Everyone thinks about money, some obsess over it and some think of it as an unattainable goal. If you have ever pondered on financial goals and spent sleepless nights wondering if you have enough money, then this is the book for you. This book is about your relationship with money. It is about financial planning beyond just numbers. It tells you how to be responsible towards money and give it the respect it deserves. It guides you how to enjoy and appreciate what you have and strive for what you want. It gives you clarity on your purpose and helps you decide on your goals that you must achieve to gain happiness in life. Your life does not need calculations, but an understanding of what is more important. If you are one who always searches for the best solutions to your money and life issues, then this book is for you. In this part philosophical, part practical treatise about money, Manikaran Singal takes you through a journey. His goal is not just to teach you how to manage money or build monetary assets, but also give you a grounding in the principles of money, how to nurture it, and how to ensure that it only remains a part of your life and doesn’t take over your waking hours

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