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  • Author : Hemali Sodhi (ed)
  • PUBLISHER : HarperCollins Books India
  • LANGUAGE : English
  • ISBN :9789354893568
  • Category : Non-fiction/Animals
  • Page : 352 pages
  • Binding Type : Hard Bound
  • Mrp : 699

About the Book

There's nothing quite like the incredible relationship between a human and a dog - from the first
moment we lay eyes on an adorable puppy or an adult dog to the heartbreaking time when we
have to say goodbye because their lives, alas, are much shorter than ours, we share innumerable moments of
pure joy with our furry companions who have so rightly been called mankind's best friend. It's been famously said
that dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, and they depart to teach us about loss; in effect, they make
our lives whole.
With forty-five original pieces including contributions from some of the country's leading writers who are also dog
lovers, The Book of Dog is a testament to how deeply dogs touch us, to the special bond we have with them
and the unique place they hold in our hearts and our lives. Through a series of unforgettable real-life stories -
funny, poignant, warm and joyous - the authors celebrate their relationship with the wonderful dogs they have
This book is a must-read for everyone who loves dogs, the perfect gift for a dog-lover friend, and a handsome,
beautifully produced keepsake for any animal lover.
The Book of Dog is a project to which the editor and each author has contributed for free. All royalties will go to
registered animal welfare charities.

About the Author

A dog person and a pet parent, Hemali Sodhi describes her best days as those spent in the company of dogs. She is
passionate about books, food and travel and is the founder of A Suitable Agency.

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