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  • Pub Date : April 2022
  • Author : Ali Rohila
  • Publisher : Vintage Books
  • Category : Fiction
  • Binding Type : Paperbak
  • NO. OF PAGES : 224
  • Mrp : 399 


In Charbagh, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, a short detour from the Grand
Trunk Road that leads towards Afghanistan, stands a chinar tree in the
garden of Khan Mohammad Usman Khan. Legend has it that it was
planted by a saint known to the grandfather of the Khan, who had told him
that the family would prosper till this tree survived. The tree has stood for
generations, a silent witness to the many stories of Charbagh, its grounds
held sacred until the day a bullet fired by the oldest son of the Khan hit one
of its branches. In this debut collection of interlinked stories, the banker
author recounts the stories as seen by the chinar tree. In Charbagh, a village
where modernity slowly creeps in, there are tales of unrequited love, of
family honour and religious persecution, of patriarchy and breaking its
shackles, and of what it means to belong to Charbagh in tumultuous times.

Here, Fahad Khan falls in love with Saad Bibi, but it is a dangerous affair that
threatens to uproot social norms. An imam competes with another for
devotees, and an air-crash survivor-turned-teacher is charged with the crime
of blasphemy. In Charbagh, Nazo learns why she has been sent away from
her family, and Ali finds out how far friendship and trust can go. A banker
struggles to make sense of his misfortunes, while Farid Khan must acquaint
himself with a woman's rejection. Beginning from the 1970s, when the Indus
was dammed near Charbagh, these stories chronicle a time and a place of
belonging, of nostalgia, and of relationships and friendships. The Whispering
Chinar is an extraordinary debut collection that tells stories from an
unknown part of our world.


Ali Rohila is a Pakistani banker who has previously written Read No Evil, a
collection of essays published in 2015. A descendant of Nawab Hafiz
Rehmat Khan Rohila, the Pukhtoon ruler of Rohilkhand, Khan's family
migrated from Bareilly, India, to Pakistan in 1950. The Whispering Chinar is
his first short story collection.


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