Toy Kraft M'Tek - Cranes, Multi Color

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Most of us living in cities are familiar with the sight of cranes. For kids the functioning of the common tower crane atop a building is both eye-catching and absorbing. In fact, the tower crane is an inspiration for youngsters to become engineers and also a source for practical understanding of mechanics. The most striking features of the crane are the great range of all the motions required for lifting, coupled with the large area of action. All the components and parts Ÿ?? pulleys, beams, gears, ropes and cables, hoists, rails and others used to construct the actual cranes are provided with miniaturization (There are 306 parts in all and each model is still 2 feet in size). To top it, this detailed instruction book with illustrations will aid the avid hobbyist in the construction of actually functional cranes. This kit is really a unique compilation in which the metal construction enthusiast is provided with an absolute treat in constructing a diverse range of cranes. Right from the ever popular tower crane to gantry, dockside, container, level luffing and rail mounted cranes can be assembled using the components provided in this mind-blowing kit. The model building exercises will provide valuable insight on the functioning of these magnificent machines.

  • This kit is absolute treat in constructing a diverse range of cranes
  • From tower cranes to gantry
  • 306 parts and 9 different models each stand 2 feet long once constructed
  • Detailed instruction book with illustrations

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