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Are you one among the many who feel life is hectic and complex? Do you have a good career or business, a good family, an amazing set of friends and you are in demand not just at the workplace but also at other places? Are you too busy to find time for anything? Does it denote a clear recipe for others to envy you, but you are missing something in life? Do you find your life becoming complex? Are you becoming bored in life? Do you still feel there is some secret in life to discover and live happily?

JUJUBE addresses the above points through the author’s experiences, observations and realization. He feels that there is no secret in life to be discovered to live joyfully. The options are in the open; we just need to recognize them. The author is not a preacher or a spiritual guru. He feels he is yet another common man, and it is a blessing to be one, as he recognizes the simple formulae freely available for us and around us to practice, genuinely remain happy and make others around us happy.

"The real world of happiness resides in simple living. A non-preachy book, with an open conversation to live joyfully through easy and practical means. There is something for each of us in this book" 

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