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When Alok Shirke decided to prepare for the mother-of-all-exams – UPSC Civil Service – little did he know that the journey would turn out to be much more than just books and classes.
He moves from the comfort of his home to the crowded lanes of Old Rajinder Nagar. A chance encounter with Sarah seems like destiny’s compensation for all his hard work. He also meets buddies for a lifetime. Their life-stories of love, regret, friendship and shattered dreams take him through Kashmir and Turkey; from brothels to hospitals; and from dingy quarters to the hallowed halls of UPSC.
When life finally seems to be coming back on track, he stumbles upon a truth that is bound to change him and the rest of his life.
Will Alok crack the exam, or will be just one of the many soon-forgotten aspirants? Will a strange revelation make him see his life as A Pleasant Escape?

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