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Sorry!!! I am not that romantic girl, you thought of! One who is passionate and obsessed about love and its side effects. One who has deep desire of prince charming. One who tattoos her boyfriend's name with a knife on her wrist. I am none of these. I am romantic but in a different way. I am romantic to my emotions, intelligence, and life. I am romantic about beauty of being human and the energy. I am romantic about my body, my soul, and my choices. I am romantic about being feminine and my identity. I am romantic to be a small-town girl conquering the world. I am romantic to love, to sex, to get married and to get separated. I am romantic to every emotion that touches me and awakens me. I want to be set free like a bird. I want to live life my own terms. So, let me reintroduce myself; I am Alia Chatterjee- A die hard romantic who never grew up not to make a mistake, who left her imprints on people's hearts and learn to embrace life with open arms.

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