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Sidney Sheldon's ‘After the Darkness’ is a fast paced thriller that unfolds drama on every other page and gives a nail biting reading experience. This part of the book series has been written by Tilly Bagshawe, who continues the works of the legendary author Sidney Sheldon. The book revolves around the character of Grace Brookstein who finds herself trapped in an impossible situation and her struggle to get away is what drives the story of the book. Written in the popular Sheldon style narration, this book goes beyond the readers' imagination. On a higher note, it successfully captures the frustration to survive in this frantic new world order. The plot is based on the famous Bernie Madoff scandal. It has been published by Harper publications.

Tilly Bagshawe studied the writing style of Sidney Sheldon deeply and extensively. She also did a lot of research and ensured that the readers will be able to relate this book with the previous versions written by Sheldon. This book is based in contemporary USA where the economic meltdown has just happened. The story features a wealthy US citizen Grace Brookstein who is fortunate enough to withstand the meltdown and continues her lavish lifestyle. Everything looks well until her billionaire husband Lenny mysteriously goes missing.

Now, disappearance is a common phenomenon but when a billionaire is on the receiving end, it is sure to raise a few alarms. Despite extensive investigations, no traces of her husband are found; and just when this news is getting hot, another striking revelation puts Grace in the box of accused. A huge investment of $75 billion from Lenny's hedge fund, the Quorum is also missing. Now everyone believes Grace is at the centre of all this and that she should be held responsible for everything that has happened. But what does Grace believe? She believes she is being framed by someone. Now, how will Grace save herself from this trap? The novel has all the answers.

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