Bollywood Deception (Paperback)

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In the world of Friday releases teeming with wannabes, the body of a starlet named Jeanie would have gone unnoticed. But what follows is a series of killings of young aspiring actresses—each more gory and perverse than the last—that has the police stumped.

Kas Batterywalah, a disgraced former cop, is like a fish out of water when he’s not working on a case. Kassatta, a suspended military doctor, is not supposed to be in his life. And yet they are working together, in Mumbai, wading through the scandalous lives of the top stars, their perversions and sinister games, and racing against time to connect the dots.

With more twists and turns than a roller coaster, Bollywood Deception is a thrilling, un put downable read.

About the Author

Juggi Bhasin was one of the first television journalists in India and has many landmark coverages to his credit, including the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the coverage of Kashmir’s militancy and insurgency. He is the author of the bestselling thrillers The Terrorist, The Avenger and Blood Song. He’s based in New Delhi.

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