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In today’s changing, competitive and crowded marketplace, building an admirable brand has become one of the toughest and most important tasks for entrepreneurs and marketers.
Moreover, many marketing strategies that used to work in the past are becoming obsolete today. If you are looking for answers to burning questions such as:
 How were new age admirable brands created from scratch?
 How did these brands achieve popularity in a highly crowded and competitive market?
 How did entrepreneurs behind these brands identify new opportunities and create million-dollar markets?
Then Booming Brands-2 is a gold mine of information that you can’t afford to ignore. The lessons derived from the hard-earned success of these 11 Indian brands from multiple industries and domains, can help you carve out your own journey and brand strategy.


“India’s first-generation entrepreneurs, most of them riding on the vehicle of digital technology, are transforming India’s consumer and market landscape, at times dramatically, and at times, ubiquitously. In this collection, Harsh Pamnani energetically and purposefully brings to life the trials, tribulations, and successes of a dozen-odd founders who are reshaping domains, marketplaces, and paradigms in the country. This collection of diverse and trailblazing stories from PolicyBazaar to Zoomcar to Quikr offers valuable lessons to students and practitioners of business and management.”
- Sunil Kant Munjal, Chairman, Hero Enterprise
“The inspiring journeys of some of the youngest brands of India, articulated in the 2nd Volume of Booming Brands, is an excellent read, and Harsh has weaved a narrative that delves into the heart of these pulsating brands!”
- Harsh Goenka, Chairman, RPG Enterprises
“Brands are an intrinsic part of our everyday journey, and some become more proximate if they resonate values and purpose that we hold dear! Harsh has captured that essence of the ‘brand building’ process for Indian brands, some of which have already come of age and others that will soon make a stronger footprint! A very useful, analytically rich, and step by step guide to building brands ‘the Indian way’!!”
- Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & Managing Director, Nestlé India Ltd.
“Harsh Pamnani made a signal contribution to the marketing literature in India with Booming Brands Vol. 1. It is our good fortune that he is back with a sequel covering some of the hottest contemporary brands ranging from PolicyBazaar to Epigamia. His carefully collated stories clearly indicate that those who predicted the demise of brands wrote their obituaries far too prematurely. More power to those who build strong brands from India, and to their indefatigable chronicler, Harsh Pamnani.”
- Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Professor of Strategy, IIM Bangalore & Former Director, IIM Indore
“Harsh has done a fabulous job in articulating the insights emerging from the journeys of each of these powerful brands. Having helped incubate a consumer healthcare start-up, I understand the value of these learnings for budding next gen entrepreneurs and the inspiration the ones on the edge could draw. A great read and one to keep.”
- Samina Hamied, Executive Vice Chairperson, Cipla Ltd

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