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Chetan Bhagat Collection’ is a compilation of all books by Chetan Bhagat. This book includes all Chetan Bhagat novels which have always been included in the bestseller lists. Moreover, it also contains his essay collection. This collection is published by Rupa Publications India in the year 2011.

This collection includes a total of 7 books. The first novel of this collection, Five Point Someone is the debut novel of Chetan Bhagat and this novel triggered the beginning of a successful career for the author. It is the story of an IITian and the dissection of his college life. An engineer’s story, the novel includes all emotions like love, friendship and living one’s dreams. The second novel ’One Night at the Call Center’ is a story of events that happened on a fateful night with employees of a call center and how these events changed their life. 'The 3 mistakes of my life' is a story of an entrepreneur who is young and is faced with constant guilt, in turn prompting him to correct the mistakes of life. The next novel is '2 States', which is an extraordinary love story between two youngsters from two different family backgrounds and the extent to which they go to live together. 'Revolution twenty 20' is more than a love story and reflects the ambitions and thought process of a young India. This novel revolves around a youngster who is often used to facing defeat and how his life entirely changes when he achieves success for the first time. 'Half Girlfriend' is the latest book by Chetan Bhagat which revolves a Bihari boy and his romantic quest for the girl he loves.

About the author

Chetan Bhagat is an Indian author who is one of the most popular contemporary fiction writers of the country. He studied mechanical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and received his MBA degree from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. After working as an investment banker for a decade, he entered the world of writing with his debut novel, 'Five Point Someone'. The huge success of this novel created an exclusive niche for him. According to the New York Times, he is 'the biggest selling English language novelist in India’s history'. He has also won the Filmfare Award for Best Screenplay in 2014.

'Chetan Bhagat Collection' is a collection of all books by Chetan Bhagat and is easily available online for convenient shopping.

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