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About the Author

Alamelu Vairavan, a native of Karaikudi, Chettinad, lives in Wisconsin and makes frequent trips to India. She has co- authored three cookbooks with Dr. Patricia Marquardt: Art of South Indian Cooking(1997), Healthy South Indian Cooking(2001) and Healthy South Indian Cooking-Expanded Edition(2008). She has also contributed recipes to the American Dietetic Association Cookbook: Cooking Healthy Across America(2005). A popular culinary instructor, Alamelu has enjoyed teaching the American public easy ways to prepare and enjoy Indian foods. She has also offered wellness and team-building programmes to employees of companies including GE Healthcare, Johnson Controls, and Manpower International. As a featured presenter at the famous Annual Kohler Food and Wine Event in Wisconsin, Alamelu has introduced Chettinad cuisine to the American public. In 2009, Alamelu presented a sold-out workshop on Chettinad cooking at The James Beard Foundation, a prestigious culinary institution in New York. She has also been featured in TV programs, including appearances on the Discovery Channel and PBS. In 2010, she hosted her own cooking series, "Healthful Indian Flavors with Alamelu" on Milwaukee Public Television.

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