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  • Author : Rathnakumar Raghunath
  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Notion Press 
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 90 pages
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 9798886063486
  • Release Date : 19 March 2022
  • MRP : 150.00


The Colemans have not gone on vacation in a long time.
Excited by the offer to spend the weekend at a quaint little cottage outside of town,
they embark upon the road trip that will change their lives forever.
“Intriguing, spine-chilling, intelligently written and mindfully crafted” - The-Readdicts


Rathnakumar Raghunath is the award-winning author of the bestselling “Smörgåsbord of Musings,” a work of modern poetry in English. Apart from his two short stories, “Elevator” and “Catch Me 'Cause I'm Falling,” he has also written a poetry book in French called “Les Cicatrices.” His fifth publication and first novelette is “Comeuppance.”

Customer Reviews

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Intriguing, spine-chilling, intelligently written and mindfully crafted!

After the thrilling short story Elevator, the warm hug that is Smörgåsbord of Musings, the adorable Catch Me, ‘Cause I’m Falling and the stunningly painful Les Cicatrices, you would assume that that’s all there is to the marvel that is Rathnakumar Raghunath. An excellent storyteller, a brilliant writer, an exceptional human being and a powerhouse of talent, Rathna, in spite of all the praiseworthy work in his name, has outdone himself with the horror story, Comeuppance, which is intriguing, spine-chilling, intelligently written and mindfully crafted.

A plot that is difficult to summarise without giving away spoilers, it is safe to say that Comeuppance is the story of the Coleman family, who decide to go on a vacation to a quaint and quiet cottage, after a long time. What awaits them on this trip is something that will leave the reader wanting to read the book fast, because there is so much that happens and the curiosity to know what will happen next is hard to suppress. But a small tip is to read it slowly and savour the incredible writing and brilliant storytelling. A story that will take you on a journey that is terrifying, painful, mesmerising and simply stunning all at once, Comeuppance is a medley of emotions starting from happiness to gratitude to fear and so much more.

A story that will have the reader on the edge their seat throughout, Comeuppance manages to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions from pity to sadness to happiness to fear and so much more. A superb tribute to his favourite horror writer, Stephen King, Comeuppance has a certain magical charm to it that calls for an extolment of Rathnakumar who has, after only two horror stories, made a mark for himself in the genre he calls his favourite.

Hema Savithri
A Thrilling Experience

This is an awesome read. Steeped in suspense, the book takes one through the dense forests of human emotions. The tinge of Magical Realism adds to the suspense element. The narrative style is brilliant right from the start. We're never lost inbetween the story telling. The story keeps the readers running on heels with the characters and we assume for a while if we're witnessing the whole incident.

Totally Enthralling

Glad I went to the store and picked this book! The experience the author puts us through is totally worth spending an evening with this book. Do read it

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