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Destiny’s Flowers ushers us through the journeys of Urmilla, Pema and Atish, who unwittingly find their destinies intertwined. Urmilla is an art restorer whose mission to revive priceless artworks in the Fort of Joji is overturned by a brutal and puzzling midnight assault. To unravel the mystery and conquer the paralytic fear that ensues she embarks on a spiritual voyage. Under the garb and demeanour of a Buddhist nun, Pema conceals a past that forces her to question her ethics as she wrestles with the burden of her deeds. Atish is the indulged hero of a slum, who achieves the ‘unattainable’ but cannot hold on to his good fortune. He must plunge into troubled waters, face the consequences of his cowardly actions to prove himself. As the characters are thrust in each others’ paths a story full of surprises unfolds. Frailty and courage, generosity and meanness, grace and effrontery appear in the most unexpected of places.

We savour three unique perspectives, as the novel takes us from a fairytale fort in a financial mess to a class clash in a Bengali household; from the soothing environs of Buddhist monasteries to the cacophony of the overpopulated slums.

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