Health is Wealth: The Path to Enriching your Life and your Health

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As the old saying goes, “Money can’t buy happiness.” Unfortunately, it can’t buy health either
Too many Americans go through life suffering debilitating problems that doctors fail to relieve—and all the co-payments in the world can’t make these disorders disappear. Patients fill their prescriptions in the hope that medication will provide the solution they seek, but often, the drugs do not provide relief and dangerous side effects cause new concerns. Fortunately, there are safer, more natural ways to treat illness and heal the body. For many years, Dr. Scott Senne has helped patients understand the cause of their health problems and make common-sense changes that result not only in the relief of symptoms, but also in a stronger, more resilient body and greater emotional well-being. In Health Is Wealth, Dr. Senne shares his secrets so that you, too, can enjoy a more wholesome life. Included are chapters on clean water, sound nutrition, detoxifying fasts, exercise, sunlight, posture, sleep, hygiene, supplements, emotions, social relationships, spiritual growth, home environment and much, much more. In each chapter, the author clearly discusses the topic and offers practical, easy-to-follow recommendations that can make a big difference to you and your family. Case histories of patients provide further information and inspiration and a comprehensive resource section guides you to the best available products for you and your home. Whether you hope to find relief from a specific disorder or you simply want to feel and look better than you have in years, Dr. Senne’s comprehensive, natural health plan will show you the way to a more balanced and wholesome life. With Health Is Wealth, you will enjoy the greatest gift of all—the gift of vibrant health.

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