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 A historical guide to looking around, supplemented with tales of Once Upon a City. Coupled with the city becoming the Automobile Capital and Medicare Capital of India, congestion has become the greatest threat to a city once known for its spaciousness and graciousness. The past still survives in the city to remind those that will listen, that the prosperity of today is entirely rooted in the history of Madras, the first city of Modern India. Madras Rediscovered is now in a completely revised and substantially expanded Seventh Edition, which could well be a rediscovery for readers too.

About the Author

Educated in Sri Lanka, India and the United States, where he dabbled in Engineering, Journalism, English and International Affairs, S Muthiah finally settled for career in Journalism. After nearly two decades as a senior journalist with The Times of Ceylon Group, he returned to Madras and was in Printing and Publishing for nearly 25 years. He is now an Information Consultant for several organizations, editor of two journals and a freelance journalist. But he still finds time for writing books and teaching, for reading and pursuit of History and for taking an enthusiast's watching interest in the Arts and Sport.

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