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  • Pub Date : April 2022
  • Author : Alexandra Stadlen
  • Publisher : Chatto & Windus
  • Category : Non Fiction
  • Binding Type : Trade Paperback
  • NO. OF PAGES : 272
  • Mrp : 699


On an island at the eastern edge of India, rural, remote and dense with jungle, is a Muslim village. In an ever-shifting landscape of mangroves and rivers, the women here dwell among contradictions - with the restrictions and possibilities of their religion, the desire for opportunity despite the lack of education, and the unreliability of a changing climate in a much loved home. Secrets are impossible to keep and one's neighbours are often too close for comfort.

Nine Paths follows the lives of nine of these women, and their families, over the course of a year - from one monsoon season to another. There are weddings to celebrate and deaths to mourn, difficult marriages to navigate and tragedies to overcome, as we observe the everyday drudgery and unexpected turmoil, the grind of poverty and the dreams of something better.

Revelatory, lyrical and immersive, this is an extraordinary book that takes you deep into these ordinary women's worlds. Anthropologist Lexi Stadlen spent sixteen months in this village, talking, listening, and getting to know these women, who were willing to share their complicated, fascinating lives. Their stories are urgent, brilliant, forcefully articulated - and this book gives us the chance to hear them.


Lexi Stadlen is an anthropologist and ethnographer with a PhD in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics. She spent two and a half years conducting on-the-ground research in India. She is the winner of the 2019 Bayly Prize, awarded by the Royal Asiatic Society for an outstanding thesis on an Asian topic completed at a British University. She lives in the UAE with her husband and son.


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