Riding the Tiger: How to Execute Business Strategy in India

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How can one survive in a marketwhich is volatile and uncertain?

What strategies have workedand not worked in the past?

What does it take to be successfulin India?

What are the successful strategiesapplied by the likes of HUL, Godrej,Adani Ports and redBus?

So what does it take to Ride the Tiger? Sound flexiblestrategy, operational excellence and dedication tocustomer-centric innovation. But what does that reallymean? How have successful Indian companies managedchallenges in an extremely price-sensitive market?In this book, Wilfried Aulbur and Amit Kapoorlook at successful and sometimes not-so-successful,strategies, operations and innovations in India. Theyhave distilled lessons from their decades of practicalwork experience in the country. From large familyconglomerates like Tata and Godrej to newer additionslike Adani, from MNCs like Maruti Suzuki to start-upsin Bangalore and Gurgaon—the book explores keylearnings from all four kinds of companies in anIndian context and provides useful insights intohow business is done in India.

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