The Legend of Virinara

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The year is 120 ce. The Ashwamedha Yagna has established young Vijay the ruler of Virinara, a mighty city-state of south India. Soon after the kingdom starts to expand into the surrounding forests, its glittering capital, Dandavrut, is attacked in a brazen act of terror. Even as Raja Vijay unleashes his forces against the nomadic forest dwellers, his beloved sister Shanti treks secretly into the wilderness---and falls in love with the handsome warrior Narun. Will love triumph over hubris, and Shanti forge a new destiny for her people?
A thrilling tale of adventure and political intrigue, The Legend of Virinara stirs up timeless questions about war and peace. This is a powerful parable of our times.

About the Author

Usha Alexander is the author of the critically acclaimed novel, Only the Eyes Are Mine (2005). An American of Indian parentage, she now resides in India, where she spends time travelling and learning the intricacies of its deep history. Her outlook is also informed by her background in science and anthropology. Her travel writings and other essays have appeared in various publications, including Even the Smallest Crab Has Teeth('Travelers' Tales', 2011) and The Best Travel Writing 2007 ('Travelers' Tales'). Find her on the web at


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