The MacKade Brothers: Devin and Shane: The Heart of Devin MacKade\The Fall Of Shane MacKade (Paperback)

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The sinfully sexy MacKade brothers are back! New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts's reader favorites are once again breaking the hearts of women everywhere.

Sheriff Devin MacKade watched -- patiently, painfully -- as the woman he secretly cherished suffered through a less-than-perfect marriage. Now pretty Cassie Connor was free . . .but vulnerable. Devin knew he'd have to tread slowly, all the while wondering if The Heart of Devin MacKade could ever claim the woman he loved.

The youngest MacKade, Shane, was a man of the land, so the last woman he expected to catch his eye was a Ph.D.-toting academic. But Rebecca Knight had caught much more than that. One beautiful lady didn't mean The Fall of Shane MacKade from bachelorhood was a sure thing. But it was definitely a possibility . . .

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