The Warehouse (Paperback)

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In a war zone, a man battles alone. When a warehouse burns down in Waziristan, Cash, an insurance investigator based in Karachi, is asked to survey the damage. Drawn in by the deadly charm of his ex-lover Sonia and the enormous paycheck that will allow him to fulfil promises to his aged mother and teenage daughter, Cash takes on what he knows will be a dangerous assignment. Caught amid the power struggle between the Pakistani army, private security forces and the Taliban, Cash is witness to murders and foul play as he tries desperately to close the investigation and return to his family. But in the rock-strewn desolation of the tribal badlands, where religion, society and even humanity seem compromised, there is peril every step of the way... Taut and gripping, The Warehouse is a thriller for our war-torn times; a reminder of what it means to be a mute pawn in the great game of life and death.

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