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Ruhi, a generally happy go lucky girl, lamented her life as she suffered from low self-esteem. She was as much worried about the colonization of pimples on her face as she was dejected about flunking her MCom exams. However, her friends and their shenanigans helped her navigate through life. Prithvi, a small-town boy, was pursuing robotics management and was enjoying his life to the hilt – all thanks to his loyal friends. But, as fate would have it, adversity struck both of them. This led to a series of events that caused Prithvi and Ruhi to meet. Sparks flew and they fell for each other despite hating one another in the beginning. Will their families accept their relationship? Will they be able to sail through the unpredictable winds of fate? Will their relationship see the light of day? Read We will be together, a funny and emotional journey of two youngsters who learn from their mistakes. They will captivate you, make you roll with laughter, make you cry with emotion, and most of all, make you fall in love with them. Come and witness their journey as they ride the rollercoaster of life. We will be together - A romcom that will cast an indelible mark on you.

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