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The Careers of intelligent executives have not progressed beyond middle management due to poor 360 degree assessment by peers and subordinates. There are instances of successful salesmen turning out to be poor managers, of young men and women joining reputed companies but walking away in less than a year from overbearing bosses. People get caught in a web of unhappiness and discomfort with life. Each of us needs to find our own answers to lead a happy and satisfied life.
YOU Vs YOU answers all these questions in a way that even a high school student can understand. The book YOU Vs YOU:
a. Argues the case of EI very effectively and convinces the reader about the need to be an EI Person.
b. Explains the science behind it in a lucid way and gives confidence that EI can be developed.
c. List down the do’s and don’t’s in such a way that anybody can start practicing EI.
YOU Vs YOU is written in a simple straight forward style with racy description of real-life examples from the Indian context to which you can relate.
Written by a bestselling author, this book unravels all the concepts of Emotional Intelligence and explains methods to increase your EI.
Learn how to switch off your Emotional Mind and switch on your Rational Mind even in the most explosive situations.

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