CHOLANOMICS – Social pursuit of Cholas with temple as epicenter

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About the Book: A kaleidoscopic overview on the multifaceted “wonders” of the Chola dynasties, – a snapshot from the early Chola kings such as Karikalan in the ‘Sangam Age (roughly 5 BCE to 1 CE)’, the medieval Chola dynasty re-emerging with Vijayalaya Chola in the 9th century when they allied with the Pallavas, to the later Chola Kings who ruled till the latter half of the 13th century. Focusing on the marvelous architectural and artistic achievements of the Chola Kings, with the ‘Big Temple’ in Thanjavur and a similar grand structure at Gangaikonda Cholapuram near Kumbakonam being their ‘crowning glory’, the author has tried to bring in a fresh perspective on what may be called the larger Chola polity itself, shaped over several centuries.

About the Author: Ram Sankar is a Chartered Accountant and after his retirement from the Board of Boston Harbour LLC, New York, is now associated with a reputed logistics service provider, with pan India presence, headquartered at Chennai and an investment and leasing firm and Chennai. He is also a member of the governing board of Gram Vikas, A renowned non-governmental organization working with the tribal communities in Orissa.

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