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The short story is one of the finest forms of writing. As short as a paragraph at times, or as lengthy as a novel, short stories are widely read and immensely lauded. Some of the most exceptional writers have dabbled in this form penning beautiful, unforgettable stories. In this carefully-crafted selection, we bring to you some of the greatest writers from around the world—their iconic storytellers from America, such as mark Twain, Kate Chopin, Virginia Woolf, the legendary Grimm brothers from Germany, to the lyrical Rabindranath Tagore from India, and the witty H H Munro from Britain. All these and many more remarkable people come together in this edition... And all have stories to tell. An anthology beginning with Aesop's fables—perhaps the first stories we come across ending with Virginia Woolf's Gothic, thrilling ‘the haunted house’, 100 world’s greatest short stories brings together stories short and sweet, descriptive and lengthy, and stories that can do anything telling a tale to hiding its narrator, from portraying the reality to diving into pure imagination are a must-read for every fiction lover.

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