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Intelligent Board Games for Growing Children Funskool The Game of Life is a good way to teach growing children the art of planning and systematic execution. This intelligent game set is meant for children above the age of nine years. It is a group game and requires a minimum of two and maximum of six players. The Game of Life board game is a complete set that consists of a printed board, four red tabs, spinner top, a cog wheel and arrow. Watch as your child uncovers the various ups and downs of life through this innovative board game.

Promotes Logical Thinking and Planning Funskool The Game of Life board game has a very simple yet interesting game play. Your child can start college course or make career plans. It is just a matter of a few cards and changing places intelligently. The money management board game enables you to systematically plan your finances. You can plan your earnings, manage efficient spending of your paycheck, plan for bank loan and pay it back, and also plan for retirement. This board game for 9 year old kids teaches them to think logically and plan ahead. It also develops the reasoning and concentration power of children in pre-teen years.

Brand: Funskool
Package Contents: Board, four board wheels, four wheel pieces, plastic spinner top, 28 passport stamp tokens, 20 promotion tokens, cards and pawns
Battery operated
Recommended Age: 9 years and up

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