A Feast of Roses

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The Feast Of Roses is a book that revolves around the legacy of Emperor Jahangir s twentieth wife, Mehrunnisa.The Feast Of Roses provides the readers with a detailed account of the life of Empress Nur Jahan, also known as Mehrunnisa, who was Jahangir s twentieth wife. She was regarded one among the most influential figures in India. She was also Jahangir s favorite wife. Jahangir s previous nineteen marriages took place as a result of political reasons, however, Mehrunnisa was the only wife he married because of love, when he was 34 years old. Mehrunnisa then went to become the unsaid emperor of the Mughal lands, which encompassed present-day Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and most parts of Northern and Central India. Even though she lived in an imperial harem, with restrictions on her movement, she was handed over a great deal of power by her loving husband, Jahangir. During Jahangir s seventeen-year reign with Nur Jahan, she began to mint coins with her name inscribed, pass orders, and build a number of Mughal monuments, gardens, and tombs that are still standing in present-day India. However, she did not achieve this kind of authority overnight, as she was once low in the hierarchy of concubines and wives. She also had to deal with Empress Jagat Gosini, who was her rival from day one, seeking to plot against her on every possible occasion. Additionally, she also faced opposition from certain men, in whom Jahangir put great trust for a long time. They believed that Mehrunnisa was but, a woman under a veil, and didn t have the right to voice her opinion in the outside world. However, Mehrunnisa formed her group of supporters in Jahangir s son, her father, and her brother. During her time as a ruler, her supporters began to crumble, however, her strength of character, and shrewdness helped her overcome these struggles. Even though she almost loses the trust of her daughter, she never lost the love of her husband, Jahangir. The Feast Of Roses is a documentary of the life of the most powerful female ruler in the Mughal Dynasty.

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