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King Udayana, the ruler of Kausambi is known for his brave disposition and effective rule. But what makes him truly special is his magical veena, Ghoshavati, which when played by Udayana, can subdue even the wildest creatures, leave alone humans. Udayana’s particular interest is in taming wild elephants, and during one such forest sojourn, Udayana is tricked and brutally captured by members of the rival kingdom of Ujjaini.
Soon after his capture, King Udayana’s men hatch a plot for his escape. An intoxicated elephant is sent on a rampage through the Ujjaini capital and Udayana plans to subdue it with the help of Ghoshavati, mount the elephant and flee. Everything is going according to plan, except fate, in the form of the beautiful Princess Vasavadatta, daughter of King Pradyota of Ujjaini, lays everything to waste. Udayana falls in love at first sight and does not wish to leave Ujjaini until he has secured Vasavadatta’s affections. But how does one love the daughter of one’s own captor? And as for Vasavadatta, will she go against her father’s wishes and overcome the long standing enmity between the two kingdoms?

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