Annapurni: Heritage Cuisine from Tamil Nadu

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In Annapurni, author Sabita Radhakrishna cooks up a delicious feast of traditional Tamil dishes that are authentic and easy to use. She presents a careful selection of recipes borrowed from Tamil Nadus diverse local people, as well as those of communities settled in the state, integrating the local cuisine with their own unique styles of cooking. These include the delectable dishes of the Mudaliars, Vellalas, Naidus, Kongunadus, Anglo Indians, Chettiars and Tamil Muslims. Inspired by her familys appreciation of good, home-cooked food, she shares some of her mother's trademark dishes that define the Mudaliar community. A true reflection of Tamil Nadus diverse ethnic heritage, the book includes a delicious variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, from Chettinad chicken curry to almond puris.
Like every good, dog-eared and much-used family cookbook, Annapurni has been compiled with careful deliberation and bears the look and feel of what could have been one's grandmothers' diary of recipes. This volume will have readers salivating as it takes them on a mouth-watering journey across the flavors of Indias south-eastern coast with its spices, seafood and sweets, ending with a stainless-steel tumbler of freshly-brewed filter coffee.

About the Author

Sabita Radhakrishna is a Chennai based freelance writer, playwright, textile expert, social worker and foodie. Associated with radio and national television, Sabita scripted Doordarshans Beyond the Storm, winning an international award. She also served on the Central Board of Film Censors. Sabita has authored three cookbooks, two of which won her international recognition.

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