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  • Pub Date : April 2022
  • Author : Jasrin Singh
  • Publisher : Hay House
  • Language : English
  • Binding Type : Paperback
  • Category : Self-help
  • ISBN : 9789391067755
  • MRP : 399

ABOUT THE BOOK Who am I? What is my purpose of being here? Why am I unhappy despite having everything I wanted?
Unable to find answers to these questions in the world she knew, Jasrin found herself on a profound and transformational quest to unravel the mystery.
Despite living in a world with increasing global interconnectedness and technology-enabled outreach, the level of isolation, despair, and despondency are mounting. With weakening familial bonds and the lack of sustaining relationships, many of us are increasingly forced to cope with life-altering situations by ourselves. Strewn with powerful examples of the author’s own journey and several client stories, Blueprint of the Authentic You answers these questions:

• How does one negotiate this world of fast-paced change?
• How does one identify and access one’s authentic self and live in alignment with it?
• How does one find purpose and meaning amongst all the mayhem?

This book also lays out a pragmatic framework to discover an individual’s unique authentic self, the key to unlocking one’s innate potential, and living a life that is truly fulfilling.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jasrin Singh is an executive and life coach (PCC, ICF) whose intuitive gifts support her in-depth understanding of the enablers and disablers of human potential. Her transformative coaching work is guided by pragmatic knowledge and spiritual wisdom accumulated over the years. She seeks to enable the world, one person at a time. A passionate writer, this is her first foray into non-fiction. She lives in Singapore with her three children.

Customer Reviews

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Himanshu Sharma
Go for it without a doubt

This book is a kind of self-help book for anyone striving to go on a self-discovery and this short handbook will gonna help them strengthen their capability. This will be helpful for anyone but especially for the ones who are trying to refurbish confidence in their life, restore self-admiration, and mainly welcome their actual self. This book also fulfils the job of a perfect role model by demonstrating the real puzzle of life and enlightening us on the moralities that come from verisimilitude. This title is captivating right!! But its content is more engaging and fascinating at the same time. The author delivers the same as quoted in the book title.
This book has a lot of lessons that need to be focused on. It's meritorious work committed by the author.

Amazing book!!

The main premise of the book is that each of us is born with a unique set of attributes which, if discovered, embraced, and utilised, promise us a life of purpose and meaning.

The book helps you in discovering your inner capabilities and what you’re naturally best at. As the author calls it ‘discovering your unique blueprint’. It talks about how surroundings and society impact our thinking and sense of self. Therefore, it becomes necessary to be aligned with your true self.

The author shares her own experiences throughout the book of what she learned from her journey and she has presented everything with full honesty.

The author asks many questions throughout the book. The most effective way to read it is to write down whatever answers you have to these questions. It will give some clarity about yourself.

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