Can Mutual Funds Make You Rich

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Are you seeking information on mutual funds or would you like to gain insights into successful mutual fund investing? This book not only shares essential information about mutual fund investing but helps build a perspective on the subject. In essence, it guides you on various aspects of mutual fund investing, all along your journey towards wealth creation. Written in simple and comprehensible terms, it is interspersed with infographics, numerical illustrations, experiences and ironic but amusing observations on investor behavior, making it a page turner from start to finish. Well worth regular revisits by its readers, it clarifies many queries that plague mutual fund investors, such as:  Are mutual funds risky?  Do mutual funds generate ordinary returns?  Which mutual funds shall I invest in?  How long should I hold them?  Systematic Investment Plan or lump sum, which is the better option?  What to choose between growth and dividend option? 'Can Mutual Funds Make You Rich?' is an ideal starting place for those who are new to mutual fund investing as it offers a head-start by clarifying the basics and setting an investment approach. At the same time, it is an extremely effective course correction tool for investors who already have some exposure to mutual funds, as it debunks myths and exposes stereotypes, setting the reader onto a clear course of successful investing habits and attitudes. The only prerequisites it demands of its readers are commonsense and the courage to stick to conviction. It lucidly explains throughout why these are both necessary and sufficient for success in mutual fund investing.

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