Don't Hate, Meditate!

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Meditation instructor, Deepak Chopra protege, director of meditation wanderlust Hollywood, and Lululemon ambassador Megan monahan presents a no-nonsense guide to meditation for everyday soul-searchers. This modern guide to meditation from instructor Megan monahan takes readers beyond empty Instagram truisms to the simple yet effective ways to "meditate their way through the bad shit and into the good shit." with a fresh voice and perspective, monahan presents a set of tools grounded in a meditation technique that is impossible to Screw up. With her help, you'll unpack the five spiritual mind-sets (presence, acceptance, intention, nonjudgment, and trust, aka paint) that are key to moving out of constriction and fear and into a more expansive space within yourself and your life. Ultimately, you will quickly notice, at any triggering moment, where you're getting stuck and how to more consciously move through it. The good news? This process is applicable to everything in your life, from missing a flight to seeing your ex's engagement photo on social media to losing your job. Wouldn't it be nice to not be completely level Ed by any of those occurrences? Plot twist: after reading this book, taking the quizzes, and doing the themed meditations... You won't be!.

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