Eternal Art - Short Stories

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About the Author

Sundar Rajan is a chartered Accountant/Finance professional with his independent consultancy in chennai. He has represented his school, college and the Tamil Nadu league in cricket. As an athlete he won many prizes for track events in school and college. He acts as a catalyst for social activities, is instrumental in organizing medical camps covering general health, eye-checkups and cancer screening. A nature lover, he is fond of gardening and is involved tree-planting initiatives in his neighborhood. He has published his book of poems titled "Beyond the Realms" his poems have varied themes and carry a message for readers. His Poems have been published in various magazines; He is associated with poetry forums as well.

He was adjudged as "Highly Recommended Writer" in the Bharat Award-International Short Story Contest held by His motto is "Boundless Boundaries Beckon".    




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